Make it at Home: Secrets Capri Blue Mojito

SECRC Blue MojitoAt Secrets Capri, we like to spice up your classic tropical cocktails with a touch to make them special. Check out this twist on a classic Mojito to make it blue like the crystal clear waters of the Riviera Maya.

Secrets Capri Blue Mojito

Place 10 to 12 mint leaves in a bottom of a tall glass and add ½ an ounce of fresh lime juice. Gently smash the mint leaves using pestle, however, if you don’t have one a spoon will work just fine. Then add ice, 1½ ounces of white rum, ¼ ounce of Blue Curacao, 1½ ounces of simple syrup and muddle again. Finally, add 2 ounces of chilled soda water and garnish with mint leaves.

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