All About Cancun

Surrounded on three sides by water—a lagoon, a bay and the sea, this little fishing town has become a worldwide vacation destination. You’ll find some of the world’s best beaches minutes away from a subtropical jungle that is perfect for adventurous excursions. Cancun’s Hotel Zone features street markets where you can find local handmade crafts and exclusive boutiques selling the latest fashions. Cancun also has an array of dining choices will that entice every palate, ranging from local specialties to five star restaurants.

Even with the vast array of daytime activities, the nightlife is still what draws people to Cancun. The city’s all-night discos, live music, piano bars and jazz clubs accommodate more than just spring breakers. If the bar and club scene aren’t your idea of a fun evening, there’s always a nice moonlit stroll on the beach to cap off a wonderful dinner.

Just a quick taxi ride from the Riviera Maya, Cancun is the perfect day or night trip for those vacationers wanting just a peek at the hustle and bustle—preferring the secluded retreat of the Riviera Maya.


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