What the Tweeps are saying…

Our followers have been tweeting up a storm about their wonderful vacations at our resorts. Here are some of their recent tweets:

@TimeshareLead: #SecretsResorts wow now that is a beautiful golf course…would love to check out your resort!

@theCTA: #SecretsResorts Thanks! It is a beautiful resort. Looking forward to visiting some of your other properties soon!

@NikkiCWeaver:  wishing I was at #SecretsResorts enjoying a Mango Tango…speaking of which… no bar here in US knows what im talking about

@CaribbeanTrips: #SecretsResorts I’m ready to visit just for the cocktails! Super creative & catchy – great job!

@TravelDesigned: #SecretsResorts It was a magnificent week in the Riviera Maya-wish I were there right now! it is cold and rainy here:(

@Canadian_Runner: #SecretsResorts This is where I’m at currently. Silversands Secrets in Mayan Riviera.  Followers, have a look. Its a great place. 5+/


@tankboy: #SecretsResorts We (@shellster129 and I) were at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun all last week … and we already miss it./

@DianeMarieLewis:  Just returned from 5 amazing days #SecretsResorts. Day dreaming about the amazing spa, delicious margaritas and insanely blue pools!

Are you following @SecretsResorts on Twitter? If not, follow us at http://www.twitter.com/SecretsResorts

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