Windsurfing Basics

At Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun windsurfing is included as part of your Unlimited-Luxury vacation, but many guests feel intimidated of this fun water sport. Here are some quick tips that will alleviate your anxiety and allow you to dive in head first.

RELAX! Being relaxed is one of the most important keys to successful windsurfing. If your stance is rigid and tense, it will be difficult to move with the wind.

PINK KNUCKLES. You will not go any faster if you squeeze the boom until your knuckles turn white. Tension in the upper body stems from the hands so relax your grip and your body relaxes with it.

THUMBS OVER. To help relax the arms, rest your fingers over the top of the boom, which holds the sail, and place your thumbs over the boom as well. As soon as you wrap them under the boom, you’re in squeeze mode.

THE BOTTOM IS KEY. Always keep your hips over the board and your shoulders slightly angled away from the sail or outboard. This stance will reduce the strain on your lower back and provide greater stability.

STAND UP! Standing up is more comfortable than crouching down and puts you in far better control.

FRONT FOOT FORWARD. If you just twist the front foot forward a few degrees so it faces diagonally towards the nose of the board, you’ll automatically take up a more open stance, which will allow you to easily move with the wind.

EXTENDED ARMS. Keep you arms extended but do not lock you elbows. This allows you to see the path ahead, use your stronger shoulder and back muscles instead of your forearms and gives you more room.

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