Top Travel Tips of 2009

Vacation may be the ultimate de-stressor but traveling to your vacation destination can be one of the most stressful experiences. Here are some travel tips I picked up in 2009 that I thought were worth sharing to help make your travel easier and maybe even, relaxing.

  • Don’t over pack. The key to not over packing is to create a list of the items you want to bring and stick to that list. If that extra pair of shoes or slacks didn’t make your original packing list, you probably don’t need it.
  • Do your research. Rules are constantly changing so make sure to look up the latest security regulations and international travel rules before you leave for the airport. This will avoid unnecessary delays in airport security and customs.
  • Plan your excursions. If you are like me, the choices available for excursions can overwhelm you and next thing you know your entire vacation is filled with day trip after day trip. By looking into the available excursions before your trip and deciding what activities are most important to you, you can make sure your vacation is both eventful and relaxing.
  • Keep a record at home. Even with all of the travel I do each year, I never thought to do this because, like most people, I never thought I could lose my passport or other important travel documents while on vacation. A friend’s mother suggested that I should always scan copies of my passport, driver license, and other travel documents and email them to myself just in case I misplace any of these items during my trip. I now recommend that all of my friends and family do same.
  • Put some essentials in your carry on. Although we hate to think about it, baggage can be lost in which case you may find yourself without your luggage for 2-3 days of your vacation. The best way to prevent lost luggage from ruining your vacation is to pack a few essentials in your carry on bag. I like to pack a swimsuit, a basic outfit and my beach essentials—sunglasses, a hat and a good book.  Even if nothing gets lost in transit, it is so much handier to quickly access your beach needs via your carry on bag so you don’t lose a minute of sunshine and relaxation.

What are your best travel tips of 2009?

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