Inside Look: Two New Resorts in Jamaica

If you haven’t been following the development of our two new resorts in Jamaica on Facebook, here is a look at some of the behind the scene photos that we have shared recently.

This photo shows the terrace of the Piano Bar, a Cuban-themed lounge featuring live music. In the background you can see the Secrets Wild Orchid Preferred Club.

This is a sneak peek at the entrance of the Preferred Club at Secrets Wild Orchid.

Here is an inside look at the resort's spa. This photo shows the bucket and full body showers that will be available at the spa.

Be sure to become a fan of the resorts on Facebook to keep up with the latest developments.

5 thoughts on “Inside Look: Two New Resorts in Jamaica

  1. Lovin’ the new pics! Tuesdays are so special … “Terrific Tuesdays”… Thanks to the TEAM that makes it all possible! Looking forward to “Jammin’ in Jamaica” and being able to “Share SECRETS”… The Spa looks SPA-licious!

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