Win a Trip to One of the New Secrets Resorts in Montego Bay

We’re giving away free trips to our Facebook fans!

Secrets Resorts & Spas wants you to become a Facebook fan of our two new resorts opening in Jamaica, Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay and Secrets St. James Montego Bay. Our current goal is to reach 3,000 each for Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St. James. In order to do so we need your help. This is where the free trips come in! Each property that reaches 3,000 fans by March 20th, we will give away a free 3 night stay to one lucky fan.

Want to enter? Become a fan of Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid and post a comment on this blog post letting us know you are a fan. Unless you post a comment to this blog letting us know your are a fan, your entry will not be counted.

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1,669 thoughts on “Win a Trip to One of the New Secrets Resorts in Montego Bay

  1. Hi, I am a Facebook fan since I booked my trip to the Secrets St-James in upcoming May. I am thrilled to read all the comments and having the opportunity to chat with peoples who share the same goal… Have a memorable experience at the Secrets…. And yes, Rod ROCKS… See ya soon….

  2. I am a FAN of of both Secrets in Jamaica (and the other Secrets resorts)! Secrets are all wonderful and I cannot wait to see them in Jamaica! I tell all of my friends, posted it on my facebook profile and fan page. Let’s go, onward to 3000+ for all of these fantastic resorts! March 20th will be a GREAT day!

  3. I am a fan of Secrets Wild Orchids. Looking forward to its opening in Jamaica. Beautiful Jamaica needed a Luxury Adults Resort with great service and amenities.
    It is awesome to see the fans growing each day on Facebook. I remember when there were not even 100 just a few months back.
    Good luck with the opening and look forward to visiting Secrets Wild orchid soon.

  4. Just became a fan yesterday and am very excited about the opening of Secrets in Jamaica! Love Jamaica and having a great resort like Secrets there just makes it all that much better!

  5. Became a fan of both resorts!!! Visiting Wild Orchid in April with my husband… but this 3 day trip could be a FUN GIRLS WEEKEND!!! g’luck with your 3,000 fans, I’m sure you’ll surpass your goal πŸ™‚

  6. I’m a big fan – the property looks stunning!! Can’t wait to come and visit you hopefully soon!! Think it looks beautiful so far in the pictures and it’s not even finished yet so can only imagine how great it will be upon completion!! Good luck with getting the 3000 fans and Keeping everything crossed as I look up to the grey skies of London that my entry is successful!!!!!

    Sally !!

  7. #1 fan!!! Can’t wait til these beautiful resorts open! Looks like fun friends and relaxation for all! Way to go Secrets!

  8. My husband and I are huge fans of Secrets resorts! We would love to win the free 3 night trip and see the new resort, so we could encourage other people to experience Secrets!!

    • I’M A FAN TOO!!! i want a reason to put on my new bathing suit and get out of this horrible Philadelphia weather! PICK ME!! xoxo

  9. I’m a big fan of your resorts already! In life and on facebook already. I have my first trip already booked to your new resort, would love to win a 3 night stay and come back soon

  10. I can’t wait to experience the unlimited luxury of this resort. I have put my wedding plans on hold until after my trip. I will be there 4/21-4/26/10. I was going to book another reosrt for my wedding but my instincts tell me this may be the venue.

  11. Oh I’m a Fan for sure! I’ve booked and paid for my wedding there at St. James Montego Bay. I’ll be getting married at your resort on 10-10-10, and then spending the rest of the week enjoying your beautiful new resort!

  12. I am a fan of both sites! Looking forward to seeing continued progress and updated pictures on facebook.
    I really appreciated the continual updates from everyone, especially Rod!

  13. I am a huge fan of Secret resorts! Planning on getting married and definatly have my eyes on one or the other! These places are amazing. Love them both and most definatley a fan of both on Facebook! Would never have found either without facebook!

  14. I am a fan of both sites and have visited 4 dreams resorts total. one while there were still sunscapes. great hotels will keep coming back

  15. Fan of both sites! Booked for Oct. 2010 Secrets Wild Orchid! Getting Married on this beautiful property on October 11th, Can’t wait! Looking forward to winning, would be a great Anniversary present for next year!

  16. I am one of your first and most faithful fans! Love the staff at these resorts and can’t wait to meet the staff at these two new special Secrets! 3000 fans should be no problem! Word is out!

  17. Hello, I am a fan of both Secrets resorts in Jamaica. I am planning on going to Secrets- St. James for my Honeymoon and if I could win 3 nights free that would just make it even better. πŸ™‚

  18. My Huni, William, and I are huge Secrets Fans! We’ve stayed at Silversands loved it.
    Hoping to get my huni and I to Secrets Mobay (either one really) for our Babymoon (I give birth in June so, fingers crossed!) otherwise it’ll be in the late winter when I’ll be able to see these amazing properties!

  19. I am a fan of Secrets Wild Orchid – Hoping to go to Jamaica at the end of August for my Honeymoon – the resort is our ideal location for a romantic week away πŸ™‚

  20. Biggest fan right here! πŸ™‚ I love the AMR resorts and the fact that the fit all of our vacation needs. The kids get to enjoy Dreams on our family vacations and we get to enjoy our private couple time at Secrets. Your resorts can’t be beat.

  21. Fan on FB thats in desperate need of a vacation -_- NY is way too cold now…I need to warm up my soul….and SECRETS is the place to do it

  22. Love the Secrets brand and following the webinar last week I look forward to visiting on the new properties on a FAM in the very near futurte.

  23. I’m a fan on both sites…have been for a while. I love that AM resorts have these pages…it’s so fun to see the progress of your two beautiful hotels.

  24. Whoo, can’t wait for our annual trip to Secrets
    went to Cancun in January and have already prebooked with 24 guests for Montego Bay Jamaica

  25. Who wouldn’t be a fan. Secrets all-inclusive Resorts are so beautiful. My sister is going to be one of the first guests at the Montego Bay Wild Orchid Resort. I am sooooo jealous!

  26. I am a fan. My fiance and I will be coming for our honeymoon in November. We are ecstatic. A mini vacation would be a nice respite from work in March!

  27. I have been to Secrets three times and now have family and friends looking to book travel there. I can’t for the new hotels to open to have new travel options in Jamaica!

  28. I’m a big fan of Secrets & Facebook. Planning a trip in 2012 to celebrate raising our children (youngest turns 18 and graduates) so we’ll finally be able to do something for ourselves!

  29. We are HUGE FANS of AmResorts, Inc. We have been to many of the Secrets and Dreams properties. We would love to visit any of the Secrets properties in Jamaica…all look AMAZING!!!!

  30. I am a fan and can’t wait to visit this fabulous resort!!! We have been to Secrets in Riviera Maya and it was fantastic….can’t wait to check out this FABULOUS new addition to the Secrets family!

  31. I am getting married this year and am looking so forward to having my honeymoon at a Secrets Resorts. I am very much a fan, and am almost looking more towards the honeymoon then the wedding ha ha.

  32. I am HUGE fan of BOTH Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St. James! We are booked for 1 week in May and will ABSOLUTELY be coming back again as Jamaica is one of our favorite travel destinations.

  33. Huge fan of Secrets resorts!!!!!!! Excited for the openings and experiencing them first hand instead of in pictures (and in my dreams…..)!!!!!!!!

  34. HUGE fan of Secrets Wild Orchid AND Secrets Montego Bay!! Can’t wait to go there for my honeymoon and would LOVE a chance to return!

    PS. Also a HUGE fan of ROD!!

  35. I am a fan, and looking forward to my honeymoon at Secrets St. James the first week of November 2010! We just booked two days ago, but wouldn’t be upset if we won a second trip!

  36. I am a fan!! I am looking forward to our honeymoon in the first part of November! We just booked our trip two days ago, but wouldn’t be upset if we won a second trip πŸ™‚ SO EXCITING!!!

  37. I am a huge fan and cannot wait to get there in June. My husband and I are celebrating our 9th anniv and looking forward to the romantic atmosphere. We didn’t really have a wedding, so may want to renew our vows! We are counting down the days!

  38. I’m a huge fan of the Secret’s chain-the service and hotel are both amazing.
    I can’t wait to see their latest (and greatest) property.

  39. Looking forward to the warm sun and tropical drinks on April 25th, please have a cold drink ready for me! I’m a big fan of Secrets Wild Orchid and am going to be coming down with my wife, brother and sister-in-law for a week of no worries cause everything is Irea!

  40. I am a fan of both resorts!! My Fiance and I will be there in July for our Honeymoon we are super excited and can’t wait to be in the sun with a cocktail in hand!!!!!

  41. I am a HUGE fan of Secrets Montego Bay…and have been sharing the Secrets about my excitement to all my friends, family and clients as well as on on Facebook!

    Social Network Marketing works!!!

  42. Hello!!!! I am a big fan of both the Secrets in Jamaica! I’ve been a fan since day one and tell all my friends about them with 64 friends joining because of me. Going there for my honeymoon and can’t wait!


  43. Have been addicted to facebook since I became a fan to both Secrets Wild Orchid and St James.. I check both pages multiple times a day for updates and to read the comments — on Tuesday’s, I check at least every hour to see if the New Pics have been uploaded yet.. 63 days and counting….. Booked a swim out suite at WO and CAN NOT WAIT to arrive!

  44. I am the biggest fan of the Secrets resorts I have followed the construction of these resorts on trip advisor and facebook since november 2009 when we booked our holiday for 2 weeks From the 18th May 2010 to the 1st June 2010. I would just like to wish everyone all the best for the opening on the 20th March Rod has been excellent at keeping us tantalised with his peek a boo photos our appetites are wetted and dnow we wantthe real thing, I dont want the 3 days holiday but would love a free upgrade to Preffered Club Status for our stay, As we are the number one fans and have travelled form the UK

  45. Amanda Evans i have been waiting with excitement for a long time waiting to come to secrets st james. i got married in jamaica 3 yrs ago , ive always wanted to come back ! this is such a special holiday for my husband and myself as ive been very ill over the last year ,so what better away to celebrate getting over my illness than going to such a high class fab resort .

  46. I am a HUGE fan of Secrets!! My husband and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary there in May!! So excited to see Jamaica too! Havnt had a vacation in years!

  47. I am a fan. We will be headin ur way april 3-7 and we are really looking foward to staying at a secrets wild orchid. This will be my wifes first all-inclusive and my second. We cant wait!

  48. I’m so excited for the St. Johns property to open. I am getting married in October and would love to win the trip so I can have my honeymoon there with my new husband!

  49. Am a FAN of both Sweet SECRETS in Jamaica! Two Special Secrets that are meant to be shared! I’ve been a fan since day 1 and tell all my friends about them… Sharing the SECRETS is FUN! I advice everyone to do the same! It would be great to see the FaceBook Fan pages grow to 3000 fan each! And a big shout out to the TEAM that is in place in Jamaica sharing the SECRET of the Countdown to Opening! Rod ROCKS!

  50. I have been a fan of both Secrets Wild Orchid & St. James pages for some time now…watching the numbers grow everyday!!! I was so excited to see WO reach the 2,000 mark (what a feat!?!?)…can’t wait till they BOTH reach the 3,000 mark!!!

    More importantly…I can’t wait to marry my best friend among family and friends at the Secrets Montego Bay resorts in Nov, 2010!!! The trip can’t come soon enough! Untill then…

  51. I’m a fan. I’ve never been to Jamaica or stayed at a Secrets, but we’re booked for July. Can’t wait and love all the updates that Rod has been posting on the fan page. Thanks!

  52. Always been a fan of Apple Vacations and have never stayed at a Secrets resort yet. Have stayed at Dream Los Cabos and had an AWESOME time- but Secrets- adults only!! Ooooh, Laaaa Laaaaa… We have never been to Jamaica yet and its definately been on our list for quite some time now. A nice vacation would be great- we just got hammered again with a foot of snow, and it snowing AGAIN today. I just know we can get everyone to become a fan of your BEAUTIFUL resort!!

  53. I love Secrets resorts and I love Jamaica. The combination of the two has to be one of the best ideas that anyone has had. Please send me there.

  54. I am a huge fan of Secrets!!! We loved Secrets Maroma Beach and we just booked our trip to Secrets St. James!!! We actually planned on our trip around the new Secrets opening!!

  55. Cant wait. Started with one of elite resorts last year. ZOETRY!!!! Cant wait to see this new reaort. Doesnt get much better!! Se you at the end of may.

  56. I am a huge fan. I will be arriving the grand opening week at Secrets Wild Orchid. I am confident that this resort will be beyond my expectations. Thank you for all of your updates and pictures. The resort looks amazing. See you in a few weeks!!!

  57. I became a fan of both secrets resorts. I have heard great things about this chain and I would love to get the opportunity to visit Jamaica!

  58. My hubby and I are the biggest fans based on pictures and stories and all the fun social media you do! As newlyweds with super tight finances, we haven’t yet experienced your amazing resorts! We would LOVE To win you trip and become lifetime fans and guests!

  59. My hubby and I are the biggest fans based on pictures and stories and all the fun social media you do! Check out our Facebooks & Twitter Accounts @caribbeansun & @dustydogg!!

    As newlyweds with super tight finances, we haven’t yet experienced your amazing resorts! We would LOVE To win your trip and become lifetime fans and guests!

  60. Was so glad to hear that Secrets was coming to Jamiaca and now can’t wait till the opening.

    Everytime we fly into Jamaica look over to check the progress.

    Counting days till we can go.

  61. I am a fan of Secrets St. James and Wild Orchid! I have never been to Jamaica and am looking forward to these resorts. They look wonderful!

  62. I am a fan of Secrets St. James and Wild Orchid! I have never been to Jamaica and am looking forward to these resorts. They look amazing!

  63. Love jamaica so must be a fan of every single place in Jamaica that I can find to stay at! Consider me a fan of Secrets to upteenth degree… Love you placed these in Jamaica.

  64. We just came back from Dreams Riviera Cancun and had a wonderful time! Now we want to try Secrets because we heard it’s even better!!! Hope to have the chance to go to Jamaica MON!

  65. Hi Secrets
    I am a avid fan of Secrets Wild Orchid and St James.
    Enjoying the facebook updates. Totally addictive

    Booked to see you later in the year. Can’t wait!!

  66. I became a fan of both new resorts opening in Montego Bay. I have never visited that area before but I am looking forward to start planning a trip real soon! Both resorts look wonderful!

  67. 5 months til my wedding and 5 months (and 1 day) til I’m soaking up the sun at Wild Orchid!!! Super excited! I’m a HUGE fan of Secrets and love keeping up with the progress in Jamaica through Facebook!

  68. I’ve been keeping tabs on the two new Secrets locations and am looking forward to checking them out at the beginning of June for our honeymoon. I am a fan on FB and will get my fiance to do the same!

  69. My husband and I are visiting Secrets Wild Orchid in Sep and we are a very big fan of this lovely resort and love reading about it on Facebook !!!!!

  70. I’m Fan.. I’ll be the greatest fiance if I win this.
    Thanks to Rod for all the updates…can’t wait to see more pics on facebook… countdown to opening: March 20th

  71. So let me tell you that we are very

    Excited for our trip to Jamaica! We

    Can’t wait for April 4 – 8th to get here!

    Relaxing, being pampered in luxury,

    Enjoying fine foods, going to the spa and getting a

    Tan are just some of the things we’re looking forward to.

    So-long to the SNOW – SECRETS St. James, here we come!

  72. I’m a huge fan! We’re hoping to book the Wild Orchis Resort for our honeymoon. We get married in August and are very excited, keeping our fingers tightly crossed that we have enough money after the wedding for the honeymoon of our dreams!

    Emma x

  73. Became a fan of both before SWOMB hit 1000! Holding back booking a trip until our new son is born and my wife feels ready to leave him with grandparents. These resorts look like a real reason to visit Jamaica!

  74. Your place looks like an awesome place to spend a great getaway from all. No worrys there. Can’t wait to see the grand opening of wild orchid. Love the photos. I would love to visit it soon. Hopefully planning a trip this fall.

  75. Can’t wait to try out Secrets Wild Orchid after taking my wife to Secrets Maroma Beach last year!!! Secrets really are unlimited luxury!!!

  76. I’m a HUGE fan! We’ve just booked our honeymoon for Wild Orchard in Sept. and we can’t wait!!! I wish I could be there right now! Thanks for all the updates everyone, especially Rod! It’s so exciting to see the resort changing. It’s going to be amazing!

  77. I am a huge fan. Wild Orchid looks like it will be amazing and the perfect place to host our wedding in either 2010 or 2011.

  78. I am a new FB fan of both resorts in Jamaica. We stayed at Secrets Capri in Mexico twice and LOVED it! Can’t wait to try Jamaica mon!

  79. We are new to Secrets and happened upon it accidentally! It’s a good thing for accidents! I cannot wait to see the new resorts!!! Good luck with the grand opening.

  80. Facebook fan here!! I do not think there will be an issue getting 3000 fans. I think whoever the winner is, should keep a video diary of their free 3 day stay and post it on the Facebook page.
    Tim G
    AKA Diver Down

  81. I’m a huge fan of traveling..a big fan of Jamaica..and I am a fan of the service that I have seen in regards to the staff of the Wild Orchid thus far. I can’t wait to become an even bigger fan of Secrets Resorts :o)

  82. From the moment we stepped onto the Secrets Capri property we were blown away by the hospitality, the surroundings and how easy everything was. A Vacation that will always be special and remembered !! I would tell anyone to go to Secrets !! worth every penny !!!

  83. I am a HUGE fan of Secrets resorts and cannot wait for Wild Orchid to open. We just returned from Secrets Maroma Beach in Playa de Carmen and loved it. Not only is Secrets and awesome chain, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced!

  84. I am going on my honeymoon at the Wild Orchid Secrets Resort in Jamaica in September and I cannot wait! I live in Seattle, so we are traveling very far! And seeing that I dont see the sun very much for 8 months out of the year, I will be pyched to suck up every moment of fun while we are there!

    Seeing the facebook page and reading all the comments was the deciding factor for booking the resort! It looks gorgeous and I cant wait! I would love to win a trip to go again!!

  85. I’m a huge fan of Wild Orchid, and a pretty big fan of St James… Afterall I’m hoping to spend my first week of married life at either one!

  86. I am a fan of the St James, I will be there on March 27th for 7 nights. I would love to win the free trip for a mother daughter getaway. See ya soon!

  87. What a wonderful thing to do. I am a big fan of MOBAY! Would love to try the Secrets life, getting married in May for the first time, and this 52 yr old first time bride could use a honeymoon!

  88. I’m a fan of both St. James and Wild Orchid. Sending two clients to your Montego resorts for their honeymoon. Would love the check the resort out for myself. *keeping fingers crossed that I win*

  89. Congrats Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St James over 300 wonderful comments on your Blog! Looks like the SECRET is OUT and spreading like wildfire! Thanks for sharing the Special Secrets of both Wild Orchid and St James! You are an AMazing TEAM!

  90. I am a FAN!!! Can’t wait for the new Jamaican Secrets Resorts, and can’t wait for our honeymoon in November. Can’t wait to win my 3 night stay!

  91. To be honest I became a fan with a small “f” as it was the only way I could get information on Facebook.

    Since joining I have been impressed by most of the things I have seen and have become a Fan with a big “F”. I hope that after our trip in late August I will becoming a totally AMazed FAN

  92. I guess I am a fan. I have to listen to Carole talk about it constantly. : ) Seriously, I hope she picks this for her 50th bday celebration. I haven’t been to Jamaica in a while.

  93. I am a fan of both resorts on Facebook and have been telling many friends to become fans as well. I’ve never been to Jamaica before, but am planning a trip this year and would love to come check out your resorts!

  94. First time at Secrets in August for my honeymoon! Already a fan!!! Can’t wait to be there. Looks like you are doing an amazing job πŸ™‚

  95. I would LOVE to win a free trip to the new Secrets resort ! We recently stayed at the new Dreams Riviera Cancun and loved loved loved it – we are booked at Secrets Capri in August 2010 and are very excited for that vacation also!
    So a trip to Jamacia would be a wonderful addition to our vacation memories!

  96. We have booked our 40th birthday get away with 4 other couples for Dec10th and it is everyone’s 1st time at a Secrets resort. Have been VERY impressed with the attention given to everyone through Facebook By Rod and think it is a great indication of the level of service we will be receiving. We are excited despite it being 289 more sleeps,as my wife puts it.

  97. Would love to surprise my wife with a trip. We are already in the works for our annual Christmas famiy vacation but would love to extend it by a week!

  98. Secrets Wild Orchid looks amazing! I am planning our 15 year wedding anniversary and can’t find a better place to celebrate!! I am a huge FAN – pick me!!

  99. As new parents in need of a relaxing vacation we were looking for the perfect place… we found it and have become instant FANS!! We are so excited to be visiting in July!!!!!

  100. My husband and I have been married for over ten years and would like to take a trip this year, preferably to the new Secrets resort in Jamaica. I am a fan on facebook!

  101. I am in the process of planning a vacation to Jamaica and came across the Secrets Wild Orchid and St James facebook pages and now I am addicted…. check the daily posts for new updates on the grand openings and photos. Looks like both are going to be wonderful!!!

  102. We went to Secrets Capri in 2009 and LOVED it. The property was beautiful, the food was great, and the spa was incredible. I’ve traveled all over the world and can comment form experience. HIGHLY recommend!! We referred two other couples and they were so impressed! This year – WILD ORCHID! -April 4. SO EXCITED!! Secrets Resorts are miles ahead of the competition!

  103. I can not wait for our vacation (3/28 – 4/5). I have all the faith in the world that the resort will be perfect by then. And if it isn’t… guess what. I am still in Jamaica. Beats Pittsburgh.

  104. Well Mom and Daughter getaway at Wild Orchid in July, we’ve been to Secret Excellence during Hurricane Emily ( and the way we were treated contributed to ) Going during opening month to Secrets Maroma and now looking forward to MoBay!

  105. Love Love Love the look & feel of these fact so much we’ve booked for this July! So looking forward to the warm sand and aqua water!

  106. My husband and I have been to Secrets Silversands and Maroma and had the time of our lives! Love Secrets! Looking forward to our first trip to Jamaica in a beautiful resort!

  107. I haven’t stayed at a Secrets resort yet but became a fan when I discovered your web-site. I am booked for the last week in March and can’t wait.

  108. We are booked to come to Secrets Wild Orchid in April. I’m already a fan before seeing the final product and can’t wait to experience it first hand! April cannot come soon enough!

  109. I am a fan of both Wild Orchid and St. James’ facebook fages. We’ve booked our vacation for early May and my husband and I are counting down the days!!!!

  110. I’m a fan!!!!
    Fiance & I have two trips already planned to Wild Orchid:
    – April 15th – quick weekend get-away.
    – December 2nd – headed back down for 10 days; our wedding ceremony is locked-in for December 4th.

    Can’t wait…..
    I’m a fan.


  111. I am an addicted fan in need of rehab. I promised myself I was not going on your FB page again tonight but here I am. Will a visit to Secrets MoBay cure me or will I suffer from anxiety separation when I leave. Well I’m ready to be put to the test. I need a fix and the sooner the better.

  112. Trying to decide between Secrets Wild Orchid and Punta Cana. The resort looks awesome. We are planning our 10th anniversary vacation in July 2010.

  113. Keep up with the great marketing. No wonder why you are tops!!! Jamaica is great and your vacations are awesome. You make it easy to travel and we appreciate it. Keep up the great work.

  114. The resorts look beautiful! I hope my husband and I get the opportunity to visit one of them or both soon. Have to save up first. We had visited secrets silversands and loved it so much, we went again with some friends. Love the hospitality and restaurants of the Secrets chain. These resorts are calling my name.

  115. I have been a Fan on Facebook (of both resorts) since the day I booked my trip. Tuesdays have become special to me..All of you other fans know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Hoping Rod will be there the week I go so I can say “hello” and “thank you” for all of his hard work and patience with all of us! πŸ™‚
    April cannot come soon enough for me!

  116. Hi, I am a fan of secrets St James and I am in the process of planning a trip there in April, it looks fabulous, looking forward to this trip.


  118. I can’t wait – we arrive on June 6! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Jamaica and I know I’m going to love this place.

  119. I am a fan!! I love Secrets Resorts and highly recommend them! I would love to check these new properties out..they look beautiful!

  120. I am going on my honeymoon to Wild Orchid and cannot wait. First Secret’s experience!!! Love all the Facebook information. The staff over there are great and I have not even seen them at work personally. Things to come….

  121. I’m a fan and i’m hoping to get married there later this year or early next year! Just looking to see when is the best time to go. Watching the progess avidly.

  122. I have never been to a Secret Resort. Thank you for sharing so much about the Jamaica properties. I wish you much success and hope to visit the resorts someday.

  123. My fiancee and I are getting married in November and chose Secrets Wild Orchid Resort for our honeymoon. Not only am i looking forward to marrying the most wonderful person in the world, but staying at the most gorgeous and most highly anticipated grand opening resort in the Carribean! November cannot come fast enough!!! Best wishes on opening day and looking forward to traveling to your resort with my husband to be !

  124. We love secrets and cannot wait to exchange our wedding vows and spend 5 days at SWO!! MAY 26th-29th here we come!! Huge fans πŸ˜€

  125. My Fiancee’ and I are great fans! We can’t wait to spend our honeymoon there on June 15, 2010!!! Secrets St. James can’t come soon enough!

  126. I am a fan of Secrets in Montego Bay.
    We’re arriving on May 9th and we’d be happy to extend our week-long stay an extra 3 days!
    Thanks and see you in May.

  127. My husband and I are looking forward to celebrating our 15th anniversary with a trip to Secrets Wild Orchid in Jamaica! We are both so excited! We have never been anywhere outside the US and are VERY proud to have chose Secrets Wild Orchid as our vacation! We are HUGE fans!!

  128. I am going to jamaica for the first time @ the end of october or early november with a small group! I found your resort just recently and it instantly caught my attention. Definately in the running of where our group will stay!

  129. I came across this will searching for hotels in Jamaica for our July honeymoon. We booked last week! I’m so excited, it looks gorgeous

  130. I’m a fan of both new Secret Resorts on FB and will share this awesome opportunity with my readers, tweeps, and FB fans!!! Hoping for a trip to a warm beach!!!

  131. Looks like a great new resort. Love being a fan. And it is no secret that I think Secrets Jamaica is the best resort on the great island of Jamaica.

  132. I am sorry that I have never heard of your resort. The pic looks beautiful and from everyone else’s posts I can’t wait to be able to plan a trip there. I’ve never been to Jamaica and it seems like you are now being added to my BUCKET LIST! I am now a fan too from what I’ve read. Keep up the good work.

  133. My fiance and I are both fans on Facebook and we are also already booked for our stay in october for our honeymoon. We are excited and ready for the beautiful resort of Secrets Wild Orchid In Montego Bay.

  134. I have become a fan of both! We stayed at Maroma beach last June and it was completely wonderful. Would love to go the these resorts one day!

  135. I am a fan of both resorts! They look amazing! I visited Montego Bay for the first time last summer (to celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary) and vowed that I would make it my personal getaway trip every summer!

  136. Booked for October 2010. Seems so far away and would definitely like a free three days sooner!! Huge fan and can’t wait to experience the “unlimited luxury”.

  137. I’m a fan! I have been sending clients to the Secrets in Mexico for quite some time and love the product, so I know these 2 new resorts will be wonderful. I have already started booking clients there for this summer!! Can’t wait to see it myself!

  138. This fan is booked to be at your resort 4/21-4/26 but recently got engaged and need a venue for my wedding in December 2010. My fiance wants to get married at the Royal in Cancun but if this resort is everything I expect it to be this is where it happens. But If I win this contest, we’ll be getting married in Jamaica and I won’t even have to pull rank (lol).

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