Through Rod’s Eyes

A few more pictures of Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid!

The highly anticipated, much discussed ROOM PHOTO! This is a standard room at the Wild Orchid, ocean front.

Main complex at Wild Orchid

Enjoy all the beautiful Jamaican cultural details in the Showtime Theatre!

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One thought on “Through Rod’s Eyes

  1. My wife and I are currently staying at the Secret St. James Bay Resort and will be here until September 16th when we leave. Last night we had the unpleasant experience of wanting to dine at the Mexican restaurant El Patio. There were four couples in front of us , three of whom were seated immediately. The fourth were being directed to a table inside when they said they preferred outside. They were immediately given a table outside. My wife and I were next and we were told that there were no tables available. I could not understand why there were no tables available when the couple in front of us had just refused a table inside. It was not that we were dressed in appropriately as my wife and I like to dress for dinner. The young lady said it would be awhile but could not give me an approximate time as to how long it would be as she said she did not know. However we took the pager and waited. In the meanwhile another group came in and were seated immediately. After about 10 minutes I noticed a number of people coming out of the restaurant but our pager was silent. I asked the young lady how long did it take to get a table ready for the next customer to be seated. She said she would check to see if a table was ready. She promptly directed us to the worst table in the restaurant which was right in front of the door. At this time my wife had had enough and we immediately walked out. It seemed that we were discriminated against as we are of East Indian origin and that this young lady did not want us to eat in her restaurant.

    I hope you look into this complaint seriously as my comments will reflect the nature of the treatment we have received given the amount of money we spent on this vacation.

    Thank you.

    Peter D’Brass
    Room 3521
    Secrets St James
    Date September 13th, 2015.

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