Let’s Celebrate Jamaica

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay and Secrets St. James Montego Bay will be hosting a weeklong celebration to commemorate Jamaica’s Emancipation from Slavery (August 1st) and Jamaica’s Independence Day (August 6th). Guests are invited to come learn about the Jamaican culture and explore the sights, sounds and flavors (and did we say rum) our island has to offer.

Throughout the week, we will feature factual displays, cooking sessions, mixology classes, rum tasting sessions, dance lessons, special reggae shows, arts and crafts lessons and live dance shows. And that’s not all. On Independence Day, we will be hosting a parade to commence the Independence Day celebration, followed by a new production by the Entertainment Team called “Reggae Love”.

Guests are encouraged to wear the colors of the Jamaican flag: black, green and gold, as well as the colors associated with reggae music: black, green, gold and red.

It is sure to be a week to remember as we celebrate two monumental holidays in Jamaican history. We hope our guests are ready to have some fun…Yea Mon!

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