The Art & Aesthetic of Secrets Wild Orchid

By Guest Blogger Corve DaCosta
When you visit Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, you cannot take your eyes off the art that is part of the decor of the resort. Most of the furniture is dark and adds a level of modernness and chic to the package. The pieces are easy on the eyes and each building has its own theme, so whatever your style, there is a room for you. Whether you are in the lobby or simply heading to a restaurant, something on the wall or mounted from the ground will catch your eyes and have you in awe. The resort is called Wild Orchid; therefore there are many orchid plants on location adding to the aesthetic appeal. The decor has strong ethnic and regional influences ranging from Asian dark woods and metallics to contemporary lines and color juxtapositions (brown, gold, strong contrast, monochromatic areas). In the end, Secrets Wild Orchid is the ‘Heaven on Earth’ you want to experience.

About the blogger: Corve DaCosta is a native resident of sunny Jamaica. He considers himself a media junkie who particularly enjoys people – and their points of views and experiences. Corve is a graduate of the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica and is currently committed to developing his blog,

3 thoughts on “The Art & Aesthetic of Secrets Wild Orchid

  1. I have to endorse Secrets Resorts, the hotel’s service quality is 1st class, the locations (Mexico, Jamaica) so relaxing, a good product overall.

    You won’t regret booking this trip to Secrets.

  2. LOVE Secrets Wild Orchid and St. James! Was there in April and enjoyed them immensely! Looking forward to going back in 2011. They have an AMAZING Team in Place in Jamaica and all the other Secrets Resorts also! Have visited each and enjoyed them ALL! SWEET SECRETS are meant to be SHARED!

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