Facebook Meet-up at Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St James Montego Bay

Since opening in March 2010, Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St James Montego Bay have been actively involved in social media. We’ve seen a huge growth in our following through social media and now have a combined total of over 13,000 Facebook fans for both resorts. Our Facebook pages have become the go-to place for questions and information about our resorts, as well as pictures and reviews from guests.

On our pages, we have what we’d like to call “super-fans” who help answer guest questions based on their own experiences. One of our fans, Jim Parson Jr. (aka Facebook Jim), along with two others, recently took the initiative to plan a Facebook meet-up at our property. It started as small get together for 10 to 20 guests and quickly grew to into a large scale event for over 200 people!

The guests will be arriving during the first few weeks of November, with the hub of the major activities happening November 9th – November 12th. We have lots of fun events and surprises planned for our Facebook fans during their stay. Some of the activities include a welcome cocktail party, a beach barbeque and special recognition of our Facebook fans during our Secrets Got Talent show.

The guests of the Facebook meet-up are leveraging their large group size to receive discounts on airport transfers and excursions through other vendors. They are also coming together to help out local charities by collecting items and making a group donation to Blessed Assurance and Garland Hall, two orphanages in the Montego Bay area.

The power of social media is truly astounding to us. We are so excited to welcome our Facebook fans to our property and are so happy that social media has given our guests a forum in which to connect with one another. Stay tuned for more posts throughout the Facebook meet-up. See below for some of the comments our Facebook fans are posting about their upcoming trip!

Susan Thomas-Murphy: FB FANS…I just can’t wait…grab your bags..don’t hesitate…It’s FINALLY November..can you relate?… Lookin’ so forward to meeting you all…and the magic number for today is… 8!

Janice Pasola Zakrzewski: Ok folks it’s down to four…
Friday morn’ we’re out the door!!!
Sippin’ a Bob Marley just about noon…
Jim and crew will arrive pretty soon!!!

Tom Murphy: Now I know, it’s 9 to go, ’til I return to SW“O”!

Jim C. Parson Jr.: As November 1st kicks off Bash month at Secrets Mobay, just wanted to thank every one for your support. This idea was started 6 months ago, and has finally come to fruition. At last count it looks like we will have over 250 FBers going! Wow! Numerous weddings, renewals, family reunions, etc. are all part of this group. Very humbled to be included. So many people to thank. Will not take up space with that. You know who you are. Please don’t forget the kids. They need our help. Will see you all at the resort. Lets put our troubles away, and have a great time! Thanks…. FB Jim –     Category: Secrets St James Montego Bay, Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay

One thought on “Facebook Meet-up at Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St James Montego Bay

  1. Kudos to the Super Secrets Fans at Secrets St. James and Wild Orchid for Caring and Sharing! Its what SECRETS are all about! Kudos Jim, Susan and Jan! May your SECRETS always be SWEET!

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