Brett Favre Visits Secrets Silversands

Is he staying or is he going? While his decision on whether or not continue his NFL career seems to always be in question, it appears as though his decision on where to vacation was one decision that came easy. Legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre recently visited Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun with his wife. The couple traveled to attend a destination wedding at our property and could often be seen out-and-about dining in our restaurants and enjoying the beach.

The hall of fame player was nice enough to allow us to snap a few pictures his stay. Take a look!

Brett Favre in the lobby at Secrets Silversands

Brett Favre with our Entertainment Manager at Secrets Silversands

5 thoughts on “Brett Favre Visits Secrets Silversands

  1. My husband and I were at the Silversands while Brett Favre was visiting. I am sorry to say I did not get a chance to see him it would have been a highlight to our trip. But knowing he visited the same hotel made me feel very good. I very much enjoyed our stay the hotel, the staff and food was wonderful.

  2. My wife and I were at Secrets that week and got a chance to talk to Brett and his wife on the beach. They were both very nice and we had a great time talking to them. We really enjoyed our stay at Secrets Silversands, and getting the chance to meet Brett Favre and his wife was a very exciting bonus!

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