Turtle Release at Secrets Capri

Releasing baby turtles into their natural environment is a highlight for guests staying at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun this time of year.  It is an amazing opportunity for guests to hold these precious turtles and name them just before they are released. The turtle release program is part of our ongoing turtle conservation efforts.

Mother Caray Green Sea Turtles visit the beaches in the Riviera Maya to lay their eggs and as part of our environmental efforts we protect the nests until they hatch.  We also educate our guests on safety precautions that should be taken during the fragile sea turtle nesting months, May through October. 

Check out the video below of our guests who recently released the turtles back into their natural habitat at Secrets Capri.

2 thoughts on “Turtle Release at Secrets Capri

  1. That was disappointing! I wanted to see actual video footage of them scampering across the sand……not just a few still shots!

  2. when do they normally do this? We will be there from Oct. 7- 14 this year. Our mom died 3 years ago and loved sea turtles so much that all of us got sea turtle tattoos in her memory, it would be so fun to do with my brother and his wife and my husband

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