Wordless Wednesday: The Latest from Puerto Vallarta

Exactly what you’ve been waiting for… proof of the splendor that is Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta! See you this April!


Gorgeous beach at Secrets Vallarta Bay

The terrace at Oceana offers picture-perfect views

Exterior view of the guest rooms at Secrets Vallarta Bay

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Latest from Puerto Vallarta

  1. In 2 months I will be already in my new home in Puerto Valarta! It all looks stunning so far and I’m very excited!!!

  2. Looks great! Will it be 100% complete by April 1st? I’m going to the grand opening for my honeymoon and don’t want to be disappointed.

  3. Do any of you know how they are going to keep the two resorts seperated? We booked secrets for the adult only aspect, and are just wondering how they will keep the kids at the amber resort. Don’t get me wrong I love kids, but we aren’t bringing ours so we were hoping for a little peace a quite.

  4. @nina I’ve been asking that question for about a month now and Secrets won’t say a word on the status. Very frustrating and unprofessional that they won’t give us an update. Not happy with Secrets!

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