An Unexpected Babymoon

We couldn’t help but share this great story and photos with you from blogger, Stories of Grandeur about her and her husband’s recent trip to Secrets St. James Resort & Spa. Enjoy!

First of all I have to brag about my super-successful and amazing husband. His company had a contest running throughout 2011 where the salesman with the highest number of rentals/sales to new customers (aka New Dollars) would win one of three top prizes. I may be a little wrong on the exact amounts but 1st place was a $5000 travel voucher, 2nd was a $3000 voucher and 3rd was a $1000 voucher. By the end of June, he knew that he was in 1st place and had a considerable lead. But with six months left to go, we weren’t packing our bags! By the time December rolled around we still knew he was in 1st place but the numbers weren’t live so we wouldn’t know for sure where he placed until sometime in January. By Friday, January 27, we heard that good news that Jordan had beat out 1400 other salesman throughout North America and he won the $5000 travel voucher! It took us about 24 hours to book our trip…

Although we were trying to be realistic that it wasn’t a sure-thing that he would win, we knew by January 1st that we wanted to go to Jamaica just the two of us (one of my 101 in 1001 goals too). After reading reviews a researching as much as we could, we had a few resorts that we had picked. With $5000 to spend, we also knew that this resort was going to be nice!

Secrets St. James in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The beach was incredible. White sands, crystal clear warm waters and drink service! I love a nice ocean and this was it! I’ve been to even more amazing beaches in Australia, but I didn’t swim in any of them for warnings of jelly fish and sharks… not something I’m really interested in. At this resort, the biggest concern was that the sand was so soft that you may lose your footing. 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog that I am “with child” yet again… however, I think that most people who read this blog already know it anyway. The drink service on the beach (and around the pool) was awesome. I’ve been to all inclusives before and when you order a virgin drink it’s not always virgin. 

Read the rest of Stories of Granduer’s blog post here.

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