Honeymoon to Secrets Maroma Beach

We’re sure you’ve probably heard this before, but our guests rave about the beauty of Secrets Maroma Beach. From the rooms to the property to the beach, it’s an absolutely amazing place to relax and unwind. It’s an even more amazing place for a honeymoon! In fact, a recent bride recapped her experience on The Wedding Bee.

Here’s what she had to say:

As you may recall, we booked our honeymoon at the gorgeous Secrets Maroma. Like the Sunhats ,who stayed at Secrets Silversands, we LOVED our stay at this all-inclusive resort. I now thoroughly understand why it is the #1 hotel in the very popular Playa del Carmen area on TripAdvisor. Instead of throwing out a million positive adjectives to describe our experience (“phenomenal,” “wonderful” and “amazing” come to mind!), I will try to be a little more helpful and tell you what about the trip earned it these stellar reviews in my book.

First and foremost: the location. An easy van-ride away from the Cancun airport, the resort is set on an absolutely stunning beach. It feels very secluded in the best possible way. We took a dirt-road drive off of the main highway that was just long enough for us to start wondering where the heck we were headed. But just as we began to wonder, the impressive entrance of the resort awaited us. Even more impressive was once we passed through the open air lobby and made our way to the beach. When I say the resort is on the beach, I mean it is literally a ten foot walk to the beach. Can’t beat that!

Next up, the accommodations. Inside the room:

Yes, that is a ridiculously comfortable bed and an huge jacuzzi tub, both of which we could lie in and enjoy an incredibly relaxing time (not that we spent the whole time inside, but we did make our way through a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory). Outside the room was not too shabby either:

Thanks to our beyond-wonderful travel agent, we got upgraded to an ocean view suite with a large tub/ mini pool on the balcony. Sitting out there was so serene and perfect, I wish I could transport back there right now!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your experience of Honeymoon to Secrets Maroma Beach. You got such a unique & different information on Secrets Maroma Beach. Wish I could have been there. I enjoyed your posts so keep it….

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