Blogger Review: Secrets the Vine

We love to hear about guest experiences at Secrets Resorts & Spas! In a recent blog post, Jetsetter Gypsya popular travel and fashion blogger, shared her vacation at one of our newest resorts, Secrets the Vine in Cancun.

Here is a quick excerpt from her review:

My first impression upon arrival at Secrets The Vine was Wow!, this place is grand, chic, modern and more or less just like a W Hotel, so needless to say, just up my alley…

The attention to detail at Secrets The Vine was probably the hands down top quality of the resort.  This attention shined through in every aspect, from the impeccably decorated common areas that were elegant yet minimalistic, using all top quality exotic raw materials, fully equipped with a cozy fireplace wall that I could only imagine in the type of home you’d see on MTV Cribs, the wide marble hallways with ambient lighting, and the simple, clean lines of the guest rooms.  All the while,everything was perfectly maintained and new…yes, I did happen to be staying there over their official inauguration, but it was more the attention to detail that existed in their tremendous staff that was responsible for keeping this property in pristine condition.

Secrets the Vine Restaurant, Olio

The pool at Secrets the Vine

To read Jetsetter Gypsy’s full review of Secrets the Vine, please visit her blog “Cancun Rest – Secrets The Vine, The New Chic in Town.”
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