Secrets Marquis Los Cabos: Whale Watching

Are you planning a trip to Secrets Marquis Los Cabos?  For an exciting day trip, consider whale watching.  The area just off the coast is home to one of the world’s greatest creatures– the Humpback Whale.  The deep, warm Pacific Ocean is perfect for these gorgeous mammals to breed and Cabo has become one of the best whale watching places on the coast.


January through March is the best time to plan a whale watching adventure in this area.  During these few months, the Humpback Whale migration to Mexico leads hundreds of whales to the warm waters where they breed and give birth.  This means you could possibly see mother whales with her calves.  In addition to whale watching, you will also have a good chance of seeing dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays and other sea creatures.  These are always considered a “bonus” and never a given but are definitely a great perk to the trip when spotted!

Whale watching season is winding down — make sure you visit soon for a chance to see these magnificent creatures!

5 thoughts on “Secrets Marquis Los Cabos: Whale Watching

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