Blogger Review! Secrets The Vine Cancun

It’s always easy for us to share with you what we love about all of Secrets Resorts & Spas—although, we are a bit biased! Between the luxurious spas, pristine beaches and unique beach activities, you can easily lose yourself in the paradise that is Secrets Resorts & Spas.

So instead of taking our word for it, take a look at what popular travel blogger, Irene Levine, More Time to Travel, has to say about Secrets the Vine Cancun. In her glowing review about the resort, Irene cites several aspects that make Secrets the Vine stand out above the rest.

“One of the nicest things about a stay at Secrets The Vine is that guests pretty much know what their vacations will cost them from the time they book their rooms and airfare. They can place their wallets in their in-room
safe until checkout.”


“Wine plays a supporting role, too, in enhancing the flavors of the resort’s extensive culinary offerings. Much like the specialty restaurants popular on cruise ships, guests can choose from eight dining options, with open seating that allows them to dine when they wish.”


“On a typical day, singles and couples choose from yoga instruction on a grassy area beside the pool; bocce ball or beach volleyball; water aerobics or watersports; or horseshoes, bingo or board games.”


Want to read more? Read Irene’s full review on her blog at!

Well, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Secrets the Vine Cancun today!

One thought on “Blogger Review! Secrets The Vine Cancun

  1. On July 11, 2014 my husband and I arrived at Secrets the Vine in Cancun for our honeymoon. We worked hard, for over 6 months, to save up enough money to be able afford a 5 night all inclusive vacation at your beautiful resort. The resort was beautiful and everything we had hoped for. After our first night there we paid for an upgrade to the honeymoon suite and it was amazing. Everything was perfect; we were even planning on making this a yearly event. We both wanted to come back as soon as possible. Then the unfortunate thing happened. On our last night there (July 15, 2014) my husband and I ate dinner at the market café in the lobby by the gift shop around 930 pm. We ordered lobster tacos, soft shell crab, flank steak, and the lamb stew. Then we had coffee and went to bed because we had a long day of traveling the next day. My husband then awoke from his sleep vomiting. I then awoke early morning with severe diarrhea. We both had unbelievable painful stomach cramps. We then called our butler and informed him that we may have food poisoning. The staff finally got back with us an hour later just to offer us the Dr. to come visit us with a 150.00 charge to us. I was upset seeing as the whole reason we were sick was due to the negligence of the hotel. After some back and forth conversations with different people the Dr. came to see us. Please keep in mind this whole time my husband and I are in unbelievable pain and we are supposed to be leaving for the airport soon. The Dr. comes in and confirms that we have a bacterial food borne illness and prescribes us medication. My husband and I sat in pain for longer waiting for the medication to arrive. Time went by and to make a long story short the bus to take us to the airport arrived before the medication so my husband and I had to travel home with extreme food poisoning. It was by far the worst day of both of our lives. We had never been in so much pain and on top of it all had to travel back to Arizona on 3 different planes that were all were delayed. This event really ruined our whole experience and due to this we came home more stressed out then we were when we left to go on vacation. By far it was the worst experience of our lives. I also never received an apology of any kind from the resort and that more then made the situation worse.

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