9 thoughts on “Win a Free Honeymoon with The Knot!

  1. We got married 4-10-2004 and still haven’t made it to our honeymoon. The day we were married my mother in law fell and broke her hip. From there it went on a spiral down hill. We became the care takers to my mother in law. In 2007 we lost my brother in law to a drunk driver. Six months later my father in law from terminal cancer diagnosed with cancer the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas Day he died in our arms. We continued to care for my mother in law until she passed in 2011.
    My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died two weeks later in 2012 the day after our 9th anniversary.
    We finally planned our dream honeymoon with Secrets Silversands in Riviera Maya. We were suppose to be there Feb 2013. We never made it my husband fell the Saturday prior to our arrival and broke his hip. We couldn’t travel in his condition so once again had to post pone our honeymoon.
    We are not giving up!!! 🙂 We are planning a new honeymoon for Feb 2014 same place around the same time. Hopefully with hopes and prayers we will finally make our honeymoon.

  2. We went on vacation there last year and loved every minute of it. We are trying to plan our wedding there but are lacking the money right now to do so. Winning this would allow us to get married on your beach and have our honeymoon!

  3. Stayed @ Silversands and my fiancee and I love Secrets Resorts. This will be a 2nd marriage we would love our special day and week at The Vine Resort.

  4. Hoping to win a honeymoon! Due to paying for our wedding ourselves with no help we most likely not have the funds to take one. Here’s for hoping 🙂

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