Five Things to Pack For Your Honeymoon!

Packing for your honeymoon can be easily overlooked in the midst of planning a wedding. To guarantee you don’t forget a thing, we compiled a list of essentials for your romantic getaway to Secrets Resorts & Spas!

Experience endless romance with a honeymoon at Secrets Resorts & Spas!

Experience endless romance with a honeymoon at Secrets Resorts & Spas!

1. Important Travel Documents: Probably one of the most obvious but often forgotten things to bring are important travel documents such as your passport, plane tickets, photo ID, currency and credit cards.  After all, without them, there would be no honeymoon! Also, it’s recommended to write down the details of your travel and accommodation including times, dates and directions to get to each place, along with contact details.

2. Medicine: Sometimes it takes your body some time to adjust to being in a new place and climate. Be prepared with medicines such as aspirin, remedies for any stomach upsets and allergy tablets. The last thing you want is to waste time on your honeymoon being sick so pack wisely and bring whatever normally works for you!

3. Capture the Moments: The honeymoon is your first trip together as a married couple and you’ll want to remember it! Be sure to pack a good digital camera, plus chargers/batteries, and a few memory cards, just in case. If you’re planning lots of water activities, it might be worth investing in an underwater camera to capture all of the fun!

4. Entertainment: Pack a variety of entertainment options such as an iPod or small game console for long days on the beach, relaxing in the room with your partner or the inevitable waits at the airport terminal. Also, stock up on some good reading material such as books, magazines and newspapers for when you need a little time for yourself.

5. Sun Protection: Sunscreen is the most important item to pack, because no one wants to deal with painful sunburn on their honeymoon. Avoid the shame of looking like a lobster and make sure to pack enough sunscreen for the entire duration of your honeymoon. Also, packing sunglasses and hats is another great way to keep your skin protected during your trip!

Now that you know exactly what to pack, what are you waiting for?! We have several different honeymoon packages available to suit your needs. Book your romantic honeymoon at Secrets Resorts & Spas today!

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    Thanks friends i really need these points because i have recently married with my boyfriend and your blog will really help me a lot in this .Big thanks again.

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