Secrets Maroma Concierges Go Above and Beyond

Today on the blog we have the pleasure of featuring a guest blog post by the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun e-concierge, Romina Pizzuti!

Here at Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, we are so proud to have several staff members that are part of the esteemed concierge association, “Les Clefs D’or” (The Golden Keys). This type of recognition can only be achieved by those who care deeply about customer service and put in the hard work to ensure the best possible customer experience. At Secrets Maroma Beach, this is what we care about most–taking care of people and making them feel truly at home at our resort.

SEMRC Concierge Team Happy Smiling Staff Secrets Maroma

Our concierge staff members at Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun are always there to ensure our guests have the vacation of a lifetime.

The word concierge comes from the Latin word “conservous,” meaning the guardian of the lamps. This was the name given to the person in charge of fulfilling every desire and request at the palace of the emperor. Ferdinand Gillet, head concierge at the Hotel Scribe Paris, founded Les Clefs D’Or in 1929. The symbol of the gold cross represents partnership and quality assurance in service. Concierges that are members of Les Clefs D’Or have knowledge of what happens in their cities, ably advise customers on local restaurants, sporting and social events, hiking, shopping, cultural destinations, flight reservations and so much more.


Exceptional service makes a vacation to Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun a truly spectacular experience.

The best concierges can direct guests to any place or product at any time, day or night, simplifying the process without you having to lift a finger. They also keep in contact with all their fellow members, creating a united organization that helps guests who come from all over the world to Secrets Maroma Beach. Congratulations to everyone at Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun who has achieved this high honor!

4 thoughts on “Secrets Maroma Concierges Go Above and Beyond

  1. Absolutely!!! These folks are wonderful as are ALL of your staff. That is why we come back year after year! Shortly it will be trip # seven.

  2. We are looking forward to staying at the Secerts Playa Mujeres this coming May and have tracked its build for quite a time now .We had the luxury of stayins at the Secrets Maroma Beach for our honeymoon and we were treated like family but we were brought deliciously good food and amazingly tasty cocktails ,for any one who has not stayed at Secrets Hotel its time to book your next holiday.

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