Secrets The Vine to host “Divas de la Cocina Mexicana” Gala Dinner

Unlimited-Luxury® at Secrets Resorts & Spas means we provide elegant accommodations, gourmet dining, unlimited premium drinks and much more. It also means we are dedicated to finding new ways of making your getaway even more luxurious. On March 14, guests at Secrets The Vine Cancun can see just the thing! Wine & Food Festival Cancún-Riviera Maya is coming and bringing some of the most talented chefs in Mexico. We’re excited to welcome the “Divas de la Cocina Mexicana” Gala Dinner!

The "Divas de la Cocina Mexicana" are ready to take Secrets The Vineby storm!

The “Divas de la Cocina Mexicana” are ready to take Secrets The Vine by storm!

The Wine & Food Festival Cancún-Riviera Maya is celebrating women in the culinary arts with this gala dinner. This 5-course dinner will gather 10 of the best chefs pushing Mexican gastronomy to global recognition in an unprecedented event accompanied by the best in Mexican wine, with great entertainment to boot! With their talent, uniqueness and passion, these Mexican women have delighted the public with their recipes and have contributed to the rise and recognition of Mexican cuisine at a global scale.

Want to get a taste of Unlimited-Luxury® for yourself? Check out our special offers and start preparing your tastebuds!

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