Secrets Society Member Spotlight!

Today we’re shining a spotlight on two superstar Secrets Society members and their incredible vacation to Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun! Tom and Linda D., two of our active and dedicated members of Secrets Society, recently cashed in on several rewards they earned by completing social media missions through Secrets Society. Together the couple was able to redeem their points for a romantic dinner on the beach and several spa credits.

If you’re not familiar with Secrets Society yet, it is our online community of Secrets Resorts & Spas social media fans. Secrets Society members complete social media missions in exchange for points toward free Secrets Resorts & Spas merchandise such as t-shirts and towels, as well as on-site rewards for your next vacation including credits to the spa and private romantic dinners!

Keep reading for a sneak peek inside Tom and Linda’s vacation and the incredible rewards they redeemed at Secrets Silversands!

Secrets Society Member Spotlight

Tom and Linda D. had an incredible vacation at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun!

Tom and Linda tell us their romantic dinner was perfect! They were served lobster and steak paired with wine and a fantastic dessert. According to Tom, “It was heaven.” Unfortunately some rain kept the couple from dining on the beach, but the resort made up for it by transitioning the couple’s private dinner to El Patio where they dined under the famous ‘Heart Tree’.

20160206_181254 (1)

Guests at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun enjoy a private romantic dinner.

The couple also cashed in on their spa credits from Secrets Society to send Linda to the Secrets spa for a full day of pampering. Linda enjoyed the relaxing hydrotherapy tub, sauna, and deep tissue massage she ordered with her spa credits! Tom tell us that “Linda came out relaxed and invigorated from her visit to the spa.”

20160205_101301 (1)

The spa at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The couple shared the following with us about their overall stay, “Staying at Secrets Silversands was truly a relaxing and wonderful vacation. From the room, dining, bars, pools, spa and most of all the employees. They treated you like family.”

We were so glad to hear that Tom and Linda’s stay at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun was such a wonderful experience! They highly recommend that anyone visiting Secrets Resorts & Spas join Secrets Society to earn points by completing missions.

Interested in becoming a member of Secrets Society and cashing in on incredible rewards like Tom and Linda? Click here to sign-up and you can start earning points today!

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The staff at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun are here to ensure you have an incredible vacation!


A beautiful day at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun comes to an end.

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