Secrets Society June Spotlight: Shaken, Not Stirred!

At Secrets Resorts & Spas, we love a good cocktail! There’s nothing better than lounging on the beach with a cool cocktail in hand and a gorgeous view of the ocean.

Our Secrets Society members know this best and shared some of their best cocktail photos with us in a recent mission. Keep reading to check out their great cocktail photos and to learn why you should become a Secrets Society member too!

festival de mojitos

Every day at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun should start with a cocktail and a view!

At Secrets Resorts & Spas you can swim up, wind down, party, flirt and play at any of our exceptional bars, lounges and swim-up bars. Or enjoy your favorite cocktail poolside or out on the beach. Your Unlimited-Luxury® privileges include all premium wines, beers and other top-shelf beverages.

Secrets Society is an exclusive, online community of Secrets Resorts & Spas biggest fans. Members complete social media missions in exchange for points that they can redeem in the Secrets Society reward store for Secrets merchandise, such as towels, hats and coolers, and on-site rewards, such as excursions, spa credits and romantic dinners on the beach.

Interested in becoming a member? Click here to learn more and sign-up today!

One thought on “Secrets Society June Spotlight: Shaken, Not Stirred!

  1. I want to join Secrets Society. I have tried to register but have been refused because I live in the UK. Why is this? It sounds like discrimination to me 🙂

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