Secrets Society Spotlight: First Visits to Secrets Resorts!

Do you remember your first visit to Secrets® Resorts & Spas like it was yesterday? So do our Secrets Society members! For those who haven’t joined us yet, Secrets Society is our exclusive, online community where the biggest fans of Secrets Resorts become members, complete social media missions, plan their vacations and earn points toward Secrets swag and travel rewards.

For one of our recent missions, we asked members to share a memory of their very first visit to a Secrets resort. In honor of #TravelTuesday, we’re showcasing some great posts from that mission as this month’s Secrets Society spotlight!

Read on for some lovely vacation memories!


You’ll never forget your first visit to Secrets Resorts & Spas!





































Thanks to our members for these great stories! Ready to join them and earn points just for reliving some of your favorite vacation memories? Click here to join Secrets Society today — you may even have time to complete this mission before it expires on May 31, 2018!

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can complete bi-weekly social media missions and receive points to redeem for rewards like excursions, romantic dinners, spa credits and accessories to jazz up your next getaway.

Interested in being featured in our next Secrets Society member spotlight? Log in to your account and send a message to the Community Manager.

And don’t forget—you can earn 100 Secrets Society points or more for booking your next Secrets Resorts escape! Simply share proof of your reservation in one of our booking missions. Save big on that next getaway with our Greetings from Paradise promotion when you book by June 25, 2018, or check out our other special offers! 

One thought on “Secrets Society Spotlight: First Visits to Secrets Resorts!

  1. My biggest concern is that they don’t even carry bottles of beer only Red Stripe in a can of you are lucky to find one. Otherwise you can drink draft a person who doesn’t like or drink can beer. Red Stripe is ok and I do enjoy it but only in a bottle. Prieum wine who knows a bottle of Mascoto will cost you $48 I can buy for $6 back home. Other than that property is very nice and some of the best food I’ve had at all inclusives in the Caribbean

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