Small Dogs Welcome at Secrets Resorts & Spas!

Not looking forward to leaving your furry family member behind for your next getaway? We are now welcoming small dogs to Secrets® Resorts & Spas! When you book the required room category, your pup can come along for your vacation.

Read on for more details about how to bring your little buddy on your next Secrets Resorts escape.


Small dogs are now welcome at Secrets Resorts & Spas!

Your furry friend will enjoy food and water bowls, a branded dog bed, toys and more during your visit to Secrets! Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Secrets’ dog policy allows dogs under 22 lbs. (10kgs) for $65 USD per night, in specific room categories only.
  • Please check with your airline for information regarding traveling with pets, including security and TSA guidelines.
  • Only dogs are permitted
  • Required upon check-in:
    • Dog’s name, weight, age, color, and breed for identification purposes during their stay
    • Vaccination certificate from veterinarian proving Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations within the past 12 months
    • Evidence that a current treatment for fleas and ticks is in use
  • No more than one dog is permitted in any guest room. Dog is allowed only on designated dog area(s) of the hotel grounds. Dogs are not allowed in the Pool, Fitness Center, Spa, Retail shops, and Golf facilities. Dogs may be allowed on the terrace of specific restaurants on property, this varies by resort and should be confirmed directly with the resort.
  • Due to local regulations, dogs are not allowed on the beach.
  • Dog must be on a controlled leash at all times or in a dog carrier when not in the guest room. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after the dog on resort grounds and properly disposing waste in designated areas.
  • Dogs cannot be left alone in guest rooms for periods longer than two hours. Guest must notify the front desk and hang the “Dog Friendly Room” door hanger when leaving their dog unattended in the guest room. Guest must answer the cell phone number provided to the resort while their dog is unattended in case there are any issues.
  • Dogs must never be left alone overnight. Please contact the concierge if boarding recommendations are needed.
  • Guest room cleaning services will not be carried out unless the guest is present. The dog owner must be in the room if the dog is present when the guest’s room is cleaned, in order to not frighten the pet and to avoid the risk of a pet’s escape. Please contact the concierge to schedule convenient cleaning times.
  • The resort reserves the right to request the dog’s removal if the above guidelines are not adhered to.
  • Restrictions, guidelines and availability are subject to change at any time

Please note the number of dog-friendly rooms on property is capacity controlled and only available upon request prior to arrival by contacting the resort’s reservations department. The small dog program does not apply to certified services animals, as required by law.

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7 thoughts on “Small Dogs Welcome at Secrets Resorts & Spas!

  1. I am very disappointed that UVC/Secrets has decided to allow small dogs at their resorts. While I love dogs in general I don’t want to have to deal with bad pet parents, barking dogs and dogs at restaurants. We are UVC members which very recently upgraded to the Gold Plus membership. If I was even remotely aware of this new offering/change we would not have upgraded our membership. We currently have booked a vacation at Secrets Huatulco in October and planed another in February to Secrets Costa Rica but we are now considering canceling our reservation, selling our membership and going with another brand.

    • It seems it is very limited in the number of rooms available to be booked. I bet it would be minimal inconvenience, if noticeable at all. This will especially help existing members that may have a small service dog. There are defined restrictions on where the dog can go and I bet room service would be the best way to go for meals. Also, the resort retains the right to kick the dog out if rules are not followed. This will help a handful of guests unable to leave the little doggie behind at home. Why don’t you see how it goes in October before you cancel and sell your membership?

    • I completely agree with Mike. I love my kids and dogs. We choose the Secrets Resorts because they are Adults only. We leave our kids behind when we vacation so we can enjoy ourselves without our children for a week. Now we will have other people’s “children” (dogs) at the resort. The Secrets will no longer be an Adult only resort!

    • To clarify, it is not a very limited number of rooms. Secrets is allowing dog owners to use the junior Suite Ocean View with Jacuzzi and Preferred Junior Suite Ocean View rooms. This is over 30% of the rooms!

  2. Obecnie bardzo często wśród marketów spożywczych można spostrzec asortymenty bio. Chociaż są zdecydowanie kosztowniejsze od marketowej gastronomii, stale rośnie na nie popyt.

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  4. I wouldn’t have booked this resort if i had known dogs were allowed in rooms , im allergic to dog hair and no matter how thorough the room is cleaned the hair will still be there .

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