WOW Story of the Week from Secrets Playa Mujeres!

Happy #WOWWednesday! Today we have a very special story for you from Secrets® Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort.

A WOW story highlights an instance where a resort goes above and beyond for a guest or group.

Read on to hear a heartwarming story about a strong couple who received a touching surprise.

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The staff at Secrets Playa Mujeres created a one-of-a-kind moment for two special guests.

This WOW Story began when Sofia, an Entertainment Team member at Secrets Playa Mujeres met Mrs. H, a guest who was staying at the resort with her husband. While the two were speaking, Mrs. H told Sofia about the loss of her daughter three years ago and that it was her and her husband’s first trip together since that painful time. The couple stayed strong together through their hardship and were now celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary.

Upon learning this, Sofia decided to organize something special for them in their daughter’s memory with the intention of helping them heal their wounds and move forward with their lives, while always taking her with them as their guardian angel. And, with the help of the property’s intercessors, spa staff and food & beverage team, Sofia was able to make this possible!

One day during their stay at the resort, the Secrets Playa Mujeres team joined the couple, as well as Mrs. H’s brother and sister-in-law on the beach, forming a circle as one of the staff members, Jonathan, explained to them that the ceremony was to aid Mr. and Mrs. H in healing, forgiving and letting their daughter rest in peace. Also, it was to help them reach their own peace of mind, taking into account that a person does not leave us when they leave this earth – their memory continues to live on. For this reason, he said, Mr. and Mrs. H should take comfort in the fact that their daughter will live on in their hearts and minds forever.

Next, Jonathan handed everyone a white rose, which represented their daughter, and asked the four guests to follow him and the other resort team members in releasing the roses into the sea to heal their wounds together, letting their daughter go and allowing her to rest in peace. During a very emotional and very beautiful moment, the group released their roses and watched them slowly float away.

Later that day, the couple went to the resort’s Oceana Restaurant for dinner where Sofia met them. She gifted them a special key chain with their daughter’s name on it and a letter that Sofia had written. In it, she told the couple that it was a very special day, because together they had made a promise to their daughter that they would finally move forward and start a new chapter in their lives. More than anything, Sofia told them, she wanted them to be happy. The couple was very grateful for all she and the entire Secrets Playa Mujeres team had done, and Sofia’s wish came true as they did leave very happy!

A big thank you to the incredibly thoughtful team at Secrets Playa Mujeres for planning this experience and making Mr. and Mrs. H feel so loved during their stay.

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