Secrets Society Spotlight: Celebrating 15,000 Members!

Welcome to the latest Secrets Society Spotlight! Did you know that fans of Secrets® Resorts & Spas (that means you!) can join our exclusive online community, Secrets Society? Our members complete fun social media missions, stay up to date on the latest Secrets news and earn points toward fabulous travel rewards.

We recently reached a big milestone, and we couldn’t help but celebrate: we now have over 15,000 members! Read on for the message and mission we sent to our members marking the occasion.

Fab at 15,000!

Secrets Society now has 15,000 members! Are you one of them?

In honor of being 15,000 strong, we offered our members 15 bonus points toward their next reward for completing any available mission! Here’s the scoop:

We’ve officially hit 15,000 members in our awesome community! It’s time to celebrate! Thank you all, the biggest fans of Secrets Resorts & Spas, for being a part of Secrets Society. We’ve loved seeing your vacation photos, hearing about your favorite moments in paradise and helping you plan your getaways.


If you’re planning your next poolside vacay, now’s the time to join Secrets Society!

Today, we’re celebrating the occasion with 15 bonus points for completing any mission! To receive your bonus points, simply tell us the name of the most recent Secrets Society mission you completed. We’ll confirm your submission and award you your bonus points. So, for example, that 20-point mission is now worth 35! This applies to all currently available missions — no matter which one you complete, you’re eligible for bonus points.

PLUS, members who complete a booking mission will receive DOUBLE bonus points! Submit to a booking mission, let us know in your text proof, and we’ll award you 30 points.
If it’s been a while since you completed a mission, now is the perfect time to jump back in. 

Many of our members have completed this latest mission, and you could be one of them! If you haven’t joined yet, we can’t wait to welcome you: Click here to join our community today! Once you’ve set up your profile, you can start completing missions and receive points to redeem for rewards like romantic dinners, spa credits, snorkeling excursions and accessories to jazz up your next getaway.

Interested in being featured in our next Secrets Society member spotlight? Log in to your account and check out the “Hit the Blogosphere!” mission to find out how!

And don’t forget—you can earn 100 Secrets Society points or more for booking your next Secrets Resorts escape! Simply share proof of your reservation in one of our booking missions. Check out our special offers page to take advantage of tropical deals, like our Hot Hot Hot promotion going on now!

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