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Tan lines may fade but your vacation experience doesn’t have to. Check back often for “inside looks” at what is going on at Secrets Resorts & Spas, vacation planning tips, suggestions for bringing your vacation experience home and the latest news straight from the resorts. Be sure and leave comments to let us know what you think and what type of content you’d like to receive from us!

Secrets Resorts & Spas offer adults an extra measure of romance and sensuality in exquisite luxury settings. Immerse yourself in Unlimited-Luxury® where everything is included: Elegantly appointed rooms and suites with 24-hour concierge and room services.

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  1. i just stayed there and loved it. we stayeed at the silversands, this might seem like an odd question but i really loved the pillows. Where can i buy a pillow?

  2. That is too funny. We stayed at the Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun and my wife loved the BED… not what you might be thinking (ha) but the actual bed. She said it was more comfortable than our one at home and wanted me to find out what kind they had and if you could get them in the states.

    Thanks Secrets, now I have to go out and find a new bed since you spoiled my wife. : ]

    But it was worth it just to get to have those fish tacos every day!!!!!

  3. We stayed at Secrets Maroma last July, and we also loved the bed. Very comfy. We are looking at going again to Maroma, but having never been to Montego Bay, Wild Orchids sounds like its going to be nice. Question is, we love the beach and Maroma beach was gorgeous. Is the beach at Wild Orchid as beautiful? We spend our entire vacaton on the beach. Also, in oceanview rooms, can you actually see the beach? At Maroma, the 1st and 2nd floors were not beach visible, so we upgraded to the preferred club to make sure we were able to see the beach from our balcony.

    • I’ve been to both Secrets at Wild Orchid and Maroma. I like Maroma better. Better views from rooms at Wild Orchid, however I liked the beach a little better at Maroma. Beach at Wild Orchard is nice – (water is calm), but sand not as nice (still OK – not rocky). I would go back to Wild Orchid – so if you want a change of venue, give it a try.

  4. My husband and I are so excited we just planned or 25th wedding anniversary for April16-21st with a PC room & a soak tub, swim out room perfect for us!!
    Can’t wait!! 7 weeks!!
    I am a far I hope a bigger fan when I get home seeing this is my first experience in an all inclusive resort!!
    SOOOO excited!!!

  5. I love the secrets Resorts I have sold many in the past (was a travel agent) and am sending my nephew to st james for his honeymoon in july, wish I could go, but my budget just is tooo slim this year … oh but I can dream and I know a good place when I see it, secrets is fantastic and will never disappoint any client that visits, regardless of which location!!! yeah you go Secrets

  6. I am a Secrets fan! As a travel agent, I have many clients that are Secrets fans also! Looking forward to another awesome resort in Jamaica!

  7. Spent 7 days in Cancun last year. Can’t wait to enjoy the New resort in Jamaica. Will be there April 15th for 6 wonderful days. Would love to win a free trip!

  8. arriving april 3rd to saint james for my husband’s 50th…so excited to surprise him!!!! first time at a Secrets..can’t wait..see ya soon

  9. Thinking that Secrets Jamaica resorts would be an awesome way to celebrate our 19th Anniversary and 25 years together !


  10. this place looks amazin, I havent been there yet, but its certainly going to be top of my list for this or next year….its my 50th this year so that would be a lovely way to celebrate

  11. Going to the Dominican Republic in October. We have never used secrets so any info anyone wants to help us with info would be greatly appreciated!! Going to Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana, Is this the official blog for Secrets?


  12. Just got back from Secrets St-James in Jamaica. I just loved the experience. I would love to know what kind of pillows and mattress were in the rooms so I can buy them. I would totally go back in a heartbeat! I felt liike a princess the whole week!

  13. We just returned from the St. James Montego Bay. We loved the rooms, the pool, the drinks, the beach and definitely the staff. However, we found the food to be VERY disappointing. The restaurants all have good intentions with the decor and the menus but the execution, freshness and quality of the food was very poor. At times, I felt like I was eating school lunchroom food and I am generally not to picky about my food. Because food is such a large part of the “all-inclusive” vacation experience, we will not be returning to this resort. I am sure this post will be taken down but for the sake of setting expectations for future vacationers, I hope it stays up!

    • Wow, that’s strange. We went with another couple and we all loved the food. Every meal was a feast. The a la carte’s were excellent especially the french Bordeaux. The buffet always good and had some great local touches in the food choices after 7 days I still wanted to sample more.

  14. Just got back from the Secrets Wild Orchid in Mo Bay Jamaica – we loved it.
    What I really loved was the Jerk Chicken cart and the jerk lesson at the Barefoot Grill.
    The chef gave us all a three page print out with a recipie for the jerk sauce and a rice and peas recepie (not just the 3″x6″ card version).
    The jerk recipe was missing a few “secret” ingredients that we all had to write down, along with the “how too’s” and assorted tips.
    He’s the problem, my wife – who does not cook at all – threw my copy out when we got home and she was upacking; she thought my scribbled on copy (where I’d written down all sorts of tips etc) was garbage and threw it away.

    Can anyone PLEASE give me a copy of theirs??
    Thank you.

    I’ve found a copy on-line on this blog, but it is not the same.

  15. I heard that Vine CanCun is still under construction and will have the opening early in August.

    I am wondering if all the facilities of the Vine will be at service by that time.
    I hope I will be able to enjoy all the comfort at the Vine by the time I come there in August.

  16. I found this blog while searching for where to buy the pillows like the ones we slept on at Secrets St. James last May! I haven’t been able to find out where to get them yet. Anyone know? The bed was awesome as well. 🙂

  17. Looking for those pillows too! They are from Pacific Pillow, but I can’t seem to get information on the exact brand…anyone happen to know? I emailed the resort but they couldn’t seem to help with that.

  18. We are coming to Secrets royal Beach next week for our 25th anniversary celebration….can’t wait to experience another AMResorts property….Secrets and Dreams rock!

  19. Love Secrets. I have been trying to contact Secrets without success. Does anyone have a current email address for Secrets Silversands or for the Manager at SSS?


  20. We are visiting Secret Silversand resort for the first time in a couple months. I’m a little nervous that we picked the wrong hotel after reading all the bad reviews on the beach. Can anyone give me any insight on the beach? Is it really filled with sea weed? I know this has nothing to do with the resort, but we spend a lot of our time at the beach.

    • The Silversands staff does constant ‘clean-up’ on the beach. The resort just happens to be located on a stretch of ocean that carries in the seaweed. There is a small area to go into the water, and many lovely loungers / palapas with drink service available. There is a large central pool with swim-up bar and smaller pools at each building — all available to all guests. We have enjoyed this resort three times and plan to be back again. So much to do and you can’t beat the service. If a beach is ultra important, head to Secrets Maroma Beach or St.James/Wild Orchid in Montego Bay. Have fun!

  21. My wife and I are staying at The Marquis in 12 days in Cabo. There does not appear to have a nightclub for nightly dancing. What would you recommend? Visit nearby hotels? Go into town? Thanks for your help. Rich

  22. We saw “top shelf” of some liquor in both Preferred Club areas and “public” areas of each resort we have been at. You should get served what you ask for, if they carry it. Remember, you are in a foreign country and they don’t have every brand you might be familiar with. Try to go with the flow and enjoy yourselves!

  23. We stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach and my boyfriend loved the chicken from the poolside grill buffet (Barefoot). Does anybody have the recipe for the marinade that they use (not sure if it was the marinade that made it so delicious or that it was cooked over a wood fire). Thanks!

  24. Did anyone ever find out the type of mattress? I know when I looked this past week it said Bellarest Vintage on it…but I have no idea what type of firmness, etc. it was. I know it had a pillowtop to it. (RE: St. James location)

  25. Is there any information about the status of the new Secrets at Playa Mujeres? We’re looking to book starting November 26th and are just a little hesitant with the opening date schedule for Nov 15th. What plans are in place for travelers with reservations if it is not full ready/open?

  26. What a horrible experience @ Secrets in Montego Bay. Not only was the food rechid it was impossible to even get to the restaurant to experience a timely meal. Other vacationers complained of food poisoning the night before, which made one wonder what type of hygiene practices were being used in the back of the house. Scrambled eggs you would think would be an easy culinary task however multiple pieces of egg shells were found in the Preferred lounge area. Some preference that was. The rooms were so far from all of the activities and restaurants that one had to put their hiking boots on to get there only to find a wait in getting served. And if it rains forget it there is no way to get back to your room without being drenched from head to toe. The staff knows when you are having a bad day they have a way of picking up on it, but no desire to even fix it or make a solid offer to rectify your happiness at the resort. All inclusive resorts mean the staff do not even need to try. There were some staff members that were excellent in delivery and service of the amenities while others fell completely short. Never will I recommend or stay at another Secrets resort due to my experience. The worst 3 days of my life were spent there.

  27. We are a family of four and looking to possibly stay at the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera in Mexico, we have a 22 year old and a 20 year old that are coming with us, but I was wondering if this place is appropriate for a family with adult kids or is it mostly for honeymooners and romantic get aways?

  28. We are planning our 30th Anniversary at the Secrets Royal Beach @ Punta Cana for October 2016. We stayed there 5 years ago and it was fabulous. We are going with a small group 6 to 8. We are making reservations ahead of time for specific restaurants and the Carribean Oasis, which we reserved last time we were there. We plan to use the Oasis as our ceremony location so our guests could relax before and after the ceremony with the amenities included in this package. Any suggestions from recent guests…

    I notice they now have a restaurant open all day long; this is new, in our previous stay even though the hours were convenient, it is nice to know you have more options.

    The only thing that bothered us was that the shows were all on the family side of the venue, therefore, we had to deal with children, teens and their parents. I like the adult only component but it should include some shows because some were a inappropriate for children.

  29. Oh My Gosh how do I join up ? We’ve been going to Secrets Resorts for 5 years in a row. I had no idea the “Secret Society” existed.

  30. I was told there was a large wedding group of 280 people, No problem. But it was most black woman that also had a weight of 250lbs each. No problem until I noticed they were loud, and never left tips, for hard working Friendly staff. Next time Different Hotel.

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