Top Things To Do on a Getaway to Mexico!

Mexico is the perfect destination for any tropical getaway. Its lush rainforests, sandy coastlines, and warm climate feel like you’re vacationing in paradise! Plus, Mexico’s wonderfully rich culture and welcoming people make every outing feel like an adventure that you don’t want to miss.

By staying at one of the Mexican locations of Secrets® Resorts & Spas, you gain access to all that Mexico has to offer at your fingertips. From beautiful resorts to fascinating wildlife to life-changing outings, Secrets Resorts has it all!

Keep reading with us to learn about the best things Mexico and Secrets Resorts have to offer!

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Embark on an adventure that you’ll never forget at Secrets Resorts & Spas!

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Make Your Honeymoon Even More Memorable

We love welcoming couples, especially honeymooners, to Secrets Resorts & Spas. Celebrating a honeymoon with us is an extra-special experience and we always try our best to make our newlyweds feel like they’re the only guests at our resort! Aside from the standard honeymoon package many guests receive when they visit us at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun, there are a number of other ways couples can make their honeymoon even more memorable.

We suggest:

And finally, we recommend taking a lot of pictures so that you’ll remember this trip for a lifetime.

To book any of the above during your stay with us, simply ask the concierge or visit our activities desk.

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All About Huatulco

With the opening of Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa only a few months away, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some information about the local sites and attractions available in our beautiful hometown of Huatulco, Mexico. Here are a few nearby attractions to consider when staying with us:

  • The Botazoo Ecological Park. This park is an ecological area located 10 miles from Huatulco. It is a bird lover’s paradise with over 120 different species that can be spotted along the river and in the lagoon. It is also home to the archeological site Punta Celeste. This area also offers excellent rappelling adventures with a rock wall that measures 50 meters.
  • The Copalita Waterfalls. The Copalita Waterfalls are located an hour and half from Huatulco along the Copalita River, just above the village of Santa Maria Xadani. The majestic waterfalls vary in size and offer swimming, hiking and relaxation in an all natural setting. The larger waterfalls have a swing that you can swing and rapel from.
  • La Crucecita. La Crucecita is located 10 minutes from the hotel area of Tangolunda. The town comes complete with a park, zocalo and a church that is said to have the largest painting of the Virgin de Guadalupe on the ceiling. La Crucecita is where most of the restaurants, cafes, boutiques, craft stores and markets are located.
  • The Zapotecas Mud Bath. Mud baths were used by the Zapotecas, Mayans and Aztecs for its medicinal healing powers. Today, mud baths are offered by the “The Women of La Bocana Cooperative” on the beach at La Bocana. The treatment is exclusively the work of the women of the village, who are direct descendants of the Zapotec people.

Whether you decide to go sightseeing during your stay or prefer to just relax by the pool, we’re sure your vacation will be one to remember!

Explore One of the Seven Wonders of the World: Chichen Itza

Guests who visit Secrets Resorts & Spas in the Riviera Maya have a chance to visit one of the oldest sites in Mexico: Chichen Itza. Chichen Izta, which means “at the mouth of the well of Itza,” is the 2nd most visited archeological site in Mexico today and is also home to the Kukulkan Pyramid, which was elected as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World on July 7, 2007.

The Kukulkan Pyramid is a nine-step structure that culminates into a flat platform supporting a two-story temple. It was built in 800 A.D and stands over 24 meters tall. It was designed with a total of 365 stairs, 91 on each side to represent each day of the year. Additionally, the temple of Kukulkan, which sits on top of the pyramid, is a solar calendar. Every year on May 21, the sun aligns with the Kukulkan and the shadow of a snake slithering down the steps is revealed.

Even more so, the four staircases of the pyramid are said to represent the Mayan’s concept of the four World Ages. The Mayans believed that there were three worlds before ours, and that they were living in the fourth world and final world.

If you’re visiting us at Secrets Maroma Beach, Secrets Capri or Secrets Silversands, you won’t want to miss out on Chichen Izta. Simply stop by our activities desk when you arrive and someone will happy to help you arrange a trip here!

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